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Below are Work Guides, Installation Guides etc created by oldholden members
==Gearboxes, Transmissions and Differentials==
==Fuel Systems==
* A basic guide to tuning (Holden 6)
* Replacing the petrol tank
* Stromberg Carburettor parts
* Installing a flashlube kit
==Engine, Engine Bay and Ignition==
* Build a 308

* Repairing a siezed wiper motor
* Installing a blue motor electronic ignition
* [ Adding air horns

* Adding an earthing lead set
* Installing a brand new high energy ignition
* Changing the oil and oil filter
* Installing halogen headlights
* Cleaning up spark plugs
* Replacing the original style starter with another
* Upgrading the Starter Motor to later model high torque unit
* Upgrading the Alternator to 85A unit
==Looking Good==
* Polishing Mag Wheels
* Using body filler
* Spray Painting
* Installing stickers
* Converting from a HJ to HZ Dash
* Swapping a standard steering wheel for a sports wheel
* Fitting a Windscreen
* Fitting sill moulds
* Filling holes
* Replacing the standard external rear vision mirror with a remote adjustment mirror
* Adding a temperature gauge
* Changing thermostat and water
* Fitting a coolant overflow bottle
* Installing an electrical water pump
* Fitting a thermatic fan
* Installing a turbo timer
* Cooling system upgrade
* Suppliment to Cooling system upgrade guide above
==Cabin Internals==
* Adjusting horn settings
* Installing a car alarm
* Installing central locking
* Removing door handles
* Fitting retractable belts
* Fitting LED dash lights
* Fitting Power Windows
* Fitting Power Windows (2)
* Replacing the Ignition Barrel Assembly
==Brakes and Suspension==
* Changing disc brake pads
* Working on front drum brakes
* Reconditioning disc brake calipers
* Replacing disc brake rotors
* Drum to Disc conversion
* Booster and Master Cylinder replacement
* Fitting a Rear Sway Bar