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RB30 Submitted by oinks308 on Thu, 10/02/2005 - 21:55.new Be careful how much you shave off the head, from what I have been told they have a 'different' arrangement with overhead cam and lifters, the cam runs on a rubber timing belt and I am told too much off will result in a lack of the tensioner doing its job. These engines do have balls and will stand up to more extensive mods and higher horsepower only dreamt about by pre-VL Holden 6 owners. $700, I hope you dont plan on reconditioning the motor with that sort of money? Throw a few more dollars into the kitty and you should come up clean with a set of extractors, 1 1/2inch exhaust with a free flow muffler under the floor leading out to a tip with no resonator and a air pod, but try and buy an air pod that is enclosed otherwise you may earn yourself a ticket to the Policeman's Ball. Once you have the extractors/ exhaust/ air pod in place then get onto ChipTorque for one of their performance chips to suit that package. These motors have been known to run fine to a million kilometers plus and anything around 400,000k's on the clock will bear a motor still capable of accepting a few mods. So with a factory computer thats about all you can expect. Next step up is having your plenum chamber modded to accept 2 x standard VL Throttle Bodies, then after that involves Super Chargers, Turbos, aftermarket Computer/Engine Management Systems and DEEP pockets. As I sated in another reply elsewhere, my son's standard VL pips both his mates VK Fuel injected 202's with extractors and air pods fitted, so the RB30's are in no way slouches, but extra performance equals more money, want more? Dig deeper.

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There is one problem with a vl that is if it feeling slouchy under the boot. RB30s tend to build up a layer of crap in the throttle body go to supercheap and buy a bottle of throttle body cleaner and get a old toothbrush and give it a good scrub it makes a hell of a difference.