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Calais wagon
Calais wagon
Commodore SS Group A sedan.
Commodore SS Group A sedan.
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Release Date: Initial release - March 1986 Turbo 6 - August 1986 V8 - October 1986 HDT/Brock SS Group A - November 1986 Vacationer - September 1987 Calais wagon - March 1988

Price When New: Commodore SL - $15,400 Calais V8 - $25,995

Number Built 151,801

Engines: 3.0 litre EFI 6cyl. - 114kW 3.3 litre EFI 6cyl Turbo. - 150kW 4.9 litre V8 - 122kW 4.9 litre SS Grp A V8 -137kW 4.9 litre SS Grp A V8 (XV2) - 180kW

Transmissions: MF5 five-speed Nissan manual (3.0 litre) MX7 five-speed Nissan manual (3.0 litre Turbo) M39 five-speed Borg Warner T5 manual (all V8's) ML4 four-speed Jatco automatic (3.0 litre) MS1 four-speed Jatco automatic (3.0 litre Turbo) M40 three-speed Tri-matic automatic (V8)

Dimensions: Wheelbase sedan 2688mm Front Track 1451mm Rear Track 1438mm Height sedan 1376mm Width 1722mm Length sedan 4766mm

Model Range: Commodore SL sedan Commodore SL wagon Commodore Executive sedan Commodore Executive wagon Commodore Vacationer sedan Commodore Vacationer wagon Commodore Berlina sedan Commodore Berlina wagon Calais sedan Calais wagon Commodore SS Group A sedan.