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Commodore SL/E sedan
Commodore SL/E sedan
[http://www.commodores-r-us.com www.commodores-r-us.com]

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Release Date: Initial release - October 1978 Wagon release - July 1979

Price When New: Commodore sedan - $7360 SL/E sedan - $9510

Number Built 95,906

Engines: 2.4 litre 6cyl. - 64kW 3.3 litre 6cyl. - 66kW 4.2 litre V8 - 87kW 5.0 V8 - 114kW

Transmissions: MC6 four-speed manual Torquemaster M20 four-speed manual (Australian) except 5.0 litre M21 four-speed manual (Australian) 5.0 litre only M40 three-speed Trimatic automatic (except 5.0 litre) M41 three-speed Turbo Hydromatic 400

Dimensions: Wheelbase sedan 2668mm Front Track 1450mm Rear Track 1417mm Height sedan 1371mm Width 1722mm Length sedan 4705mm

Model Range: Commodore sedan Commodore wagon Commodore SL sedan Commodore SL wagon Commodore SL/E sedan