Useful Stuff for the Car

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The following came from this thread:

Thanks to all who contributed.

Spray Grease. A lithium based grease that sprays like WD40 but then turns to grease. Useful for lubricting those hard to get at/hard to get into things like bonnet hinges, pivots, etc. Spray Lithium Grease is also good on window winder gears, rollers etc.

SEM Vinyl Prep. Good for getting Armourall, grease, built up dirt etc off your vinyl in preparation for painting or just a general clean-up of your interior.

Ozito (Dremel) unit. These are about $40-odd from Bunnings. They take Dremel bits and are really useful for a miriad of jobs on the car.

GMC Pressure Water sprayer. These are about $67 also from Bunnings. They work just as well (or better in some cases) than the more expensive high pressure sprayers and come with a 3 year warranty.

Spray and cook canola oil does a better job than wd40 for a third of the price, but it isnt very good at penetrating stuck bolts though. It can also be used to take the dullness out of fibreglass IE boats