Trimatic Selector Conversion

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T Bar Left Hand To Right Hand Conversion. Photo by uca78t. Click to Enlargen

==Trimatic Selector Conversion:==

===T Bar Left Hand To Right Hand Conversion:===

Submission by uca78t:
... here's the piccy of the bottom of my UC auto shifter. As you can see I can switch selecter rod from left to right. I did this because the the UC autos are left hand shifter (UNSURE ABOUT THE COLUMN SHIFT BUTS ITS MOST LIKELY A RIGHT LIKE LH & LX) & my V8 auto is a right shifter & unlike the H series & LH, LX shifter you can't pull the UC shifter apart & switch from left to right. This shifter is a seal unit.
The mod itself was very easy I went to Pick n Payless & I foud a selecter from a VS or VT V6 Comodore & was long enough for me the bend at a 90 decree angle to make mirror image of the factory selecter.
Cheers Shane

===Column Shift To Left Hand Conversion:===

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