Trimatic Install Tips

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Trimatic Installation Tips:

Securing the Torque-Converter:

When removing an engine or Trimatic gearbox from a car, the Torque-Converter will need to be unbolted from the starter-plate and pushed well back into the bellhousing and pinned back there by wiring it into place or bolting it back into place using a special tool. Note that in the rearmost position the Torque-Converter will contact a part of the bellhousing and therefore does not rotate properly.

It is imperative the Torque-Converter is positioned in the rear most position by a suitable means. If the Torque-Convert moves forward prematurely it can become uncoupled from the stator, centreshaft and impeller. Replacing the Torque-Converter after it has become uncoupled will result in copious amounts of oil spilling on the ground.

Reseating the Torque-Converter:

If the Torque-Converter has been moved forward while the engine is been removed it will most likely have become unengaged.

Engagement of the Torque-Converter is vital since it ensures that the elements inside it (notably the Turbine and Stator) and the Oil-Pump (outside it) make proper connection.

To re-engage these components the "3 click" method is used.

Remove the Torque-Converter completely from the gearbox to ensure you will feel the 3 clicks. Refit it Torque-Converter to its shaft.

Rotate the Converter as you push it back into the bellhousing.

With the engagement of each element you will hear a click and the converter will move further into the housing with ease. When it's all the way back, you're done.

The Crankshaft Locator:

A dowell is inserted into the gearbox end of the crankshaft. The dowell ensures that the engine end of the Torque-Convertor is held securely in the centre of the crankshaft. Ensure that a Crankshaft Locator is installed and is in good condition before reconnecting the Trimatic to the engine. When removing the Torque-Converter the dowell will either stick inside the crankshaft, adhere itself to the Torque-Converter or fall out on the ground.

Adjusting the Gear Selector:

After replacing a Trimatic the Gear Lever may need adjusting to ensure that the indicated position of the Gear Lever (the lever inside the cockpit) matches the actual gear that is selected by the Selecot Lever (the lever that is attached to the outside of the gearbox).

To do this, loosen the pinch bolt that holds the Selector Lever's shaft to the Gear Lever. Push the Selector Lever all the way forward. This will place the gearbox in Park.

Now locate the Gear Lever into the Park position and tighten the pinch bolt. Check the operation of the Gear Lever and ensure that the engine will crank in Neutral and Park.