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[http://gallery.oldholden.com/Streetneat Streetneats shed and gallery can be accessed here]
[http://gallery.oldholden.com/Streetneat Streetneats shed and gallery can be accessed here]
[http://streetneat.com/click here to go to streetneat.com!]

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Located at 37 Kinross Rd Thornlands,(Brisbane, Queensland -Australia) in the most unlikely setting of the families Poultry Farm -Street Neat Panels Rod & Custom was formed in July 1992 by Husband and Wife team Andrew & Kim Clatworthy. The growing need for a solely restoration only operation placed streetneat away from the regular smash repair industry. So a restoration service was born using a network of like minded craftsmen in their respective fields. Streetneat has been able to offer a total restoration service by supplying the best quality parts or services at the right price or sometimes just recommending the right person for the job.

Aside from the many restoration projects for customers - mainly concentrating on Aussie an USA brands, Andrew and Kim built many of their own award winning Hot rod and Custom projects as well as a series of their own resto projects. Some of these Projects set new trends and the main goal was to be the innovators and not the imitators. Take the time to browse through the pictorial sub albums for a more in-depth overview of some of these projects.

These days the operation has shifted a little away from the major restoration jobs and more towards the refinishing side of the industry Graham Carr - from Carr Creations (0411 588 272) has taken over the painting side of streetneat. With the combined experience of over forty years, Streetneat and Carr Creation are able to turn out top quality results at an affordable price. All work is still done on the premises in the fully equipped modern workshop with the same acute attention to detail that streetneat has been renowned for - giving Andrew more time for completing the backlog of his own personal projects. Due to the waiting lists of clients we have to get through, and keeping it fair for all- we are only taking on jobs we can turn around inside three - four weeks.... as we only work on one car at a time.

Andrew at Streetneat Panels with the beginning of a masterpiece

The main aim of this website is to educate and showcase what goes into turning out a restoration project of well above average caliber- something the enthusiasts of today are demanding more so than ever. Hopefully with knowledge gained from visiting this site enthusiasts can be well armed with information when approaching their own projects. No longer do enthusiasts need to 'fly blind' and have little idea of what to expect from the third parties that inevitably will have to perform some of the more difficult tasks required for vehicle restoration. Knowing what to look for will definitely lead to better decisions being made - especially in regards to body and paint. If you need to know more about services or products offered by streetneat - or simply want some helpful advice - don't hesitate to call on 07 3206 0340. Appointments are essential.

Streetneat is an early Holden specialist and can often supply or locate that hard to get part or at least point you in the right direction. We keep most parts in stock for FE,FC,FB,EK Holdens as well as HK-T-G series . Call streetneat on (07) 3206 0340 or 0412 032 239. We send parts Australia wide.

NEWS FLASH!!! Currently streetneat is offering new and deeper, direct replacement stainless steel Fuel tanks for all models of early Holden from FX -EK Call for more details and pricing.

Streetneats shed and gallery can be accessed here

here to go to streetneat.com!