Polishing Mag Wheels

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The following information supplied applies to cast/machined alloy wheels NOT chrome plated steel wheels

If your after the polished look this is what I do with old mags when I get them.

If they have a few minor scrapes I use 80grit wet & dry and using a container with water and a block of sunlight soap in it I block and rub out the scuff marks from the lip on the rim.

I then use 240grit wet & dry and using the soap and water rub over the entire mag until it has a satin uniform finish. I then switch to 320 wet & dry again using the soap and water and rub until I get a satin finish all over in the 320grit.

I then switch to 600grit wet & dry, again rubbing over the entire mag until I have a smooth satin finish with no signs of the previous grits showing.

I then switch to 800grit wet and dry rubbing with lots of soap and water, at this stage you will begin to see the rewards of your bleeding fingertips, the old Aunger jelly beans should have a nicer shine then when original with its lathe marks quiet visible from new.

Then I switch to 1000grit wet & dry, lightly rubbing over until you can no longer see the marks from the 800grit, make sure you rub the soap with the paper then rub the wheel, you will feel when you need more soap and water.

Last step is to use Autosol, use a soft fleecy type cloth and rub it in hard doing a section at a time and constantly turning the rag over to rub with clean cloth, if you get it clogged it will start to tarnish and scratch.

This is a long process doing it by hand but I have polished heaps of mags and in different styles like Bathurst Globes I have concentrated on the faces, then painted the recessed areas.

Old mags like Aunger 5 slots, Centrelines, VK Calais etc rims are the easiest to do and the finish if done correctly looks fantastic. I normally take a full day per wheel so give yourself a goal, like say one each weekend, you will do it comfortably.

I am contemplating doing this to my 17&16inch ROH Reflexes on my VK wagon as the missus has scraped both back mags in kentucky Ducks tight driveways. But doing polishing this way I have at times doubled or tripled my investment when I have sold them.

if you wish to clean your tyres while doing this, sit them in the tub and use a coarse nylon bristle brush, scrub clean with soap and water then when dry, rub in a good coat of Armour all.

Doing this both the mag and tyre will look like theyre new.

If selling the wheels I always shout them to a new set of centre caps and wheel nuts, looks great on nice shiny wheels and the new chrome reflecting on the polished alloy compliments the whole show. Give it a go mate, its only going to cost you a sheet of each paper grit per wheel, better then paying a professional wheel polisher!

Cheers, Pig (oinks308)