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GDay everyone,

There are lots of buttons here, this is just to get everyone started. To start with this system is to replace the old BOOK link on that was at the top of oldholden.com.

Here are some links to documents already in the system to give you an idea of what this is.









Everything is editable - even this page, so if you see something that is wrong or needs additions click on the EDIT button at the top of the page you are viewing and edit it. DO IT, WE ALL NEED YOU.

You can monitor the changes(diff) and additions(N) to any document with the RECENT CHANGES link on the menu at the left or click here. The TALK link will put a comment next to the item for notes.

To add a new document to the system which is useful and mostly complete just place the URL below in your browser and add the document title to the end of the URL. No spaces or punctuation use the _ instead. For example, if you were to do a document on the M20 gearbox you would use the URL http://www.oldholden.com/possible/index.php/ with the addition to the end of M20_Gearbox. eg: this is what would go into the browser address bar. http://www.oldholden.com/possible/index.php/M20_Gearbox . When adding documents or editing them use the "Show Preview" before "save page" to see what you are about to save and recheck your work.

As you can see from the RECENT CHANGES if you login your name will be credited for the work and your IP will not be shown. Only input work that is yours or that you have permission to do so. Pictures can be uploaded as well as files and sounds etc after you have logged in. We are after relevant information and we will help with the formating computer code that makes the documents prettier as it is the value of the information that is sort.

Once this document system is more complete and all are comfortable we will show this to the public. At the moment only some people have been invited. If we have missed someone who we need please tell us. This is a collaborative work. Only responsible people have been contacted. It will save information and time for those who have repeated themselves for too long.

For the short term contact myself (rusty@oldholden.com) or Qute (qute@oldholden.com) for questions or people who we need to invite.