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Originally submitted by T Mar 12 2006:
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==The Mad Max Page==

The town of Clunes, about 20 mins from Ballarat. Image by Steptoe. Click to Enlargen.
This is a page for adding details about the Mad Max Trilogy of films.
Any facts about the films that you feel aren't available in the URL's below,
please post to the home page and I'll endeavor to add them.

If I reply to you that I got your post,
you can be sure it went in.
If I don't reply, please persist until I do.

===The final scene with Max:===
Clunes. Image by Steptoe. Click to Enlargen.
Submitted by wills on Sat, 03/03/2007 - 09:23.
The final scene with Max, Johnny, and the hacksaw is Gellies Road, Sunbury.
The bridge is Emu Creek Bridge. Melways reference 383 C5 / D5.
Mad Max I
I worked with Lex Glouchowera who made many of the electronic devices for the film
(such as the communicators in the cars).
Lex also appeared in the scene where a man is dragged behind a motorcycle.
Mad Max II
Mad Max III

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