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M76 Rear View. Click to Enlargen. Photo by HQ_SS.

M76 Borg-Warner 5-Speed Gearbox:

The Borg-Warner 5speed/VK 5-speed/M76 was offered as optional equipment for the VK. Feel free to correct mistakes/add information to this page.

M76 Left Hand Side. Click to Enlargen. Photo by HQ_SS.

How to identify this box:

The M76 gearbox has a large "5" stamped on the case, and does not use external linkages, unlike the M20/M21/M22
M76. Click to Enlargen. Photo by HQ_SS.

Gear Ratios:

1st: 3.24:1

2nd: 1.96:1

3rd: 1.26:1

4th: 1.00:1

5th: 0.79:1

Reverse: 3.37:1

Tail Shaft:

It is unlikely you will find an M76 tailshaft with a salisbury rear section (Uni with no flange),
be suspiscious of tailshafts advertised as M76 shafts as they are often not!

A good rule of thumb is if its from a VK, has a flange at the diff end and has a yoke smaller than that of a trimatic/M20/21/22, then it is likely correct. When adapting the M76 to an earlier commodore with a salisbury diff, your best bet is most likely going to be joining an M76 front section with a salisbury rear section by dismantliny the joint between the rear section and centre bearing.



Since the M76s came coupled with 202s, they will bolt up to any earlier 202/186.
The bell housing internals are identical to that of an m20 (fork/bearing/input shaft dimentions)
and if replacing an M20/21 on a blue motor, the pressure plate/flywheel and clutch can be left untouched.
In any VB-VK, the speedo cable, reverse light connections and clutch cable will not need to be altered.
The flywheel cover plate is interchangeable with that of any Trimatic with a flush bell housing (not cut back).

When adapting to an earlier model commodore that was already manual, all that must be changed is the tailshaft. Note the VL 6 cylinder manual gearbox is a Nissan unit and has no relationship to the M76.

V8: Some VK HDT cars and all VL Group A V8's were fitted with a Borg Warner 5 speed often referred to as the T5G, and is a completely different gearbox to the M76. It is also a different T5 that that fitted to the VN onwards Commodore and EA onwards Falcon.


The M76 is said to be of the same strength as the M20/21/22 boxes, but stronger than the MC6 box.


In comparison to the M20, the M76 shifts alot easier/smoother/and shorter.
Overall feels similar to the VL 5speed box, except for the location of reverse :P





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