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M76 Borg-Warner 5-Speed Gearbox:

The Borg-Warner 5speed/VK 5-speed/M76 was offered as optional equipment for the VK. Feel free to correct mistakes/add information to this page.

How to identify this box:

The M76 gearbox has a large "5" stamped on the case, and does not use external linkages, unlike the M20/M21/M22

Gear Ratios:

1st: 3.24:1
2nd: 1.96:1
3rd: 1.26:1
4th: 1.00:1
5th: 0.79:1
Reverse: 3.37:1

Tail Shaft:

It is unlikely you will find an M76 tailshaft with a salisbury rear section (Uni with no flange), be suspiscious of tailshafts advertised as M76 shafts as they are often not!

A good rule of thumb is if its from a VK, has a flange at the diff end and has a yoke smaller than that of a trimatic/M20/21/22, then it is likely correct. When adapting the M76 to an earlier commodore with a salisbury diff, your best bet is most likely going to be joining an M76 front section with a salisbury rear section by dismantliny the joint between the rear section and centre bearing.


Since the M76s came coupled with 202s, they will bolt up to any earlier 202/186. The bell housing internals are identical to that of an m20 (fork/bearing/input shaft dimentions) and if replacing an M20/21 on a blue motor, the pressure plate/flywheel and clutch can be left untouched. In any VB-VK, the speedo cable, reverse light connections and clutch cable will not need to be altered. The flywheel cover plate is interchangeable with that of any Trimatic with a flush bell housing (not cut back).

When adapting to an earlier model commodore that was already manual, all that must be changed is the tailshaft.



The M76 is said to be of the same strength as the M20/21/22 boxes, but stronger than the MC6 box.


In comparison to the M20, the M76 shifts alot easier/smoother/and shorter. Overall feels similar to the VL 5speed box, except for the location of reverse :P