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Description: L34 Heads closeup
Description: L34 Heads

The L34 was a "Bathurst Special" for 1974. The name L34 is derived from the option code from the heavily modified 308. L34 Motor Specs - Special Repco cast block similar to the Formula 5000 castings, fully grooved main bearings, solid skirt pistons, heavy duty conrods(L34 rods), larger main cap bolts, ported and polished head with 1.95 inlet and 1.61 exhaust.

The 1974 LH torana was the first "factory" vehicle to be fitted with a high performance V8 engine, these models were coded as the "SL/R" and "L34" options. The SL/R 5000 was to replace the XU-1 and the L34 high output option was the race version for bathurst.

The L34 option package was not sold in the LX series cars. Instead, from September 1977, a package coded A9X was added to both the SL/R 5000 series and the 5-litre SS hatches.

"GMH never publicly released the actual performance of this engine, manufactureres were very high-horsepower sensitive after the debate in parliament about high performance cars being available for road use"

Std. L34 engine for LH Torana = 240bhp
L34 High Output Package ~= 350bhp

  • the L34 heads in these pictures are fitted to MRHZV8'S HZ and yes....

they do go very very well!!!