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By ReaperHR

The HK Holden.
Produced January 1968 to April 1969. In January 1968 Holden produced it's new series, the HK. The HK holden bought a more modern appearance to the holden series, gone were any sort of flaring or fins, all replaced by a smooth design. The HK was heavier than its predecessors but also lower, it included the now popular 161 and 186 six cylinder motors but Holden finally took the plunge into V8s (well overdue) and the HK also included the Chevrolet 307 and 327 V8s. The HK also saw the end of the old naming scheme to Holdens, gone was the Standard and the Special to be replaced with the Belmont and the Kingswood respectively. The Belmont was also badged where previously the standard models were bare. The Kingswood replaced the Special in name only, it was still the most commonly used of the series and the Belmont was generally still used for business vehicles. The Premier name was retained in the HK series though but later Holden improved on it with the new Brougham, similar to the Premier it was more luxurious and was also larger (20cm longer), it also came with the 307ci V8 as standard, power steering and the reliable powerglide automatic. After falling behind in the racing scene in the early sixties the HK bought Holden back into the competitive market, to do this Holden released one more type of HK, the Monaro. The Monaro was the first true "sports" Holden (excluding the EH S4 which was really just an EH with very minor improvements), and could be attained with the Chevrolet 327ci V8. The Monaro name stayed with Holden for many years and models into the future and bought Holden a dedicated fan base. Currently Holden has rereleased the Monaro in it's new series of Commodores, previous to that the Monaro hadn't been seen in Holdens range since the very first Commodore. Belmont - The Belmont HK was the HK replacement for the Standard series from previous models, it included "Belmont" badging but was still very plain compared to the Kingswood and other types. Kingswood - The Kingswood replaced the Specials in previous models and included Kingswood badging, extra chrome and more features. It also saw a lot of popularity over the years and many old holdens are referred to as "Kingswoods" even though each model was different and previous to the HK there weren't any Kingswoods. It also became popular through movies and tv shows like Kingswood County. Premier - Previous to the Brougham the Premier was always the top of the line for each series, and it was also for the HK until that point. It included more features and luxuries and an alterred roof line. Brougham - Later in the HK series Holden released the Brougham, it was an imrpoved Premier with even more luxuries as standard and the 307ci V8 as standard also. It was also 20cm longer than the other HKs which gave it the appearance of being the same at both ends when looked at from the side. The Brougham was fairly rare due to the fact that it was introduced as Holdens rich mans luxury car. A Premier was within many peoples means to acquire but the Brougham was another step up again on the social ladder. Monaro - The Monaro was released as the first of Holdens true sports cars or muscle cars (compared to its other releases). It optionally included the 327ci Chevrolet V8 and brought holden a new fan base which has mostly remained to modern days. The Monaro has also been recently rereleased by Holden in its commodore series, some people see it as a travesty to the old Monaro name to see it on modern cars though.
Figures of Interest
Price New Number Built Engines Transmissions Performance: 0 - 100 km/h Performance: Standing 400m
$2215 199,039 161 186 186S 307 V8 327 V8 3 speed column manual 4 speed floor manual 2 speed column automatic 15.3 seconds (186 auto) 19.5 seconds (186 auto)

Information for this page was gathered from the following sites: Early Holdens Unique Cars and Parts Southgate Holden Holden Main Site and from the following books: HK - HT - HG Manual by Gregorys UP FOR REGO - by Richard Strauss