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[[Transmission_Codes|Transmission ID Codes]] (compliance plate)
[[Transmission_Codes|Transmission ID Codes]] (compliance plate)

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General Information

click on the links below, to see information about the topic you are looking for:

FAQ about Old Holdens

Holden Model Listings (all models FX-VL)

Engine Prefixes (all models FX-VL)

Holden History (all models FX-VL)

Holden History of Exports

HK,HT,HG Monaro Identification

click on these links for information on gearboxes,transmissions,carburettors and more:

Streetneat (our resident panel beater)

Holley (numerical listings and part numbers)

The Holden V8

Quadrajet id codes (carburettors)

Stud Patterns (wheel offsets/P.C.D)



Trickybits (aftermarket stuff)

Transmission id chart

Differential Codes

Engine ID Codes (compliance plate)

Transmission ID Codes (compliance plate)