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Frequently asked questions about holden stuff

Here are 10 of the most commonly asked questions on oldholden.com

Q Can i bore my 253 out and make it a 308?

Q What sort of Holley do i have? "the number on it says 0-1848"

Q Can i put a blue motor head on a red motor block?

Q I am looking at buying a HQ-WB ute , how do i tell if it is original, and what year it was made??Holden_vehicle_id_system_HQ-WB

Q I have a stock standard 6 cylinder motor, how can i make it go better? Trickybits

Q Whats the difference between a red,blue and black motor?

Q MRHZV8 has a headache,rusty said "sleep is for the weak" how do i fix this?

Q What is timing or ignition timing?

Q How do i tell what motor i have?Engine_Prefixes

Q what size carburettor should i fit to my motor? Maths#Carburettor_Size

Q How do tell what differential ratio i have?