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Frequently asked questions about holden stuff

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions on oldholden.com, if answers are not listed below please click on the internal link(in blue) and that will answer your question.

Q Can i bore my 253 out and make it a 308?

A No! you cannot bore a 253 to 308, there is not enough metal in the bore of the 253 to bore it out to 308. They do share the same stroke but the cranks cannot be interchanged as they have different size counterweights, also a neoprene rear main seal type crank/block is not interchangeable with a wick rear main seal type crank/block.

Q What sort of Holley do i have? "the number on it says 0-1848"

Q Can i put a blue motor head on a red motor block?

A Yes! you can put a blue motor head on a red block with some minor modifications to the block to line up the revised water passages in the blue head. This is done by laying the blue motor head gasket on the red block and using the gasket as a guide,center punch the water gallery holes, and using a suitable drill bit (covered in grease to catch the swarf)drill the new passageways to suit.......

Q I am looking at buying a HQ-WB ute , how do i tell if it is original, and what year it was made??Holden_vehicle_id_system_HQ-WB

Q I have a stock standard 6 cylinder motor, how can i make it go better? Trickybits

Q Whats the difference between a red,blue and black motor?

A The Red motor has a nine port head,six exhaust ports and three shared inlet ports.

The Blue motor has basically the same bottom end as the red but the head has twelve ports,six exhaust and six inlets which allows for better flow characteristics, leading to better cylinder filling (more power) The blue motor also has electronic ignition which delivers a better fatter spark than the points system used on the Red motor.

The Black motor is essentially the same as a Blue motor IE.same bottom end as red/blue,a twelve port head the same as the blue but with higher profile inlet ports for better flow. The Black motors came with a carby or Fuel injection. Fuel injection giving the best power/economy results. The Black motor also had a new ignition that is triggered by a sensor to sense the position of the flywheel, which was terrific when new but can give problems as the motor ages and is in my opinion best removed and replaced with the Blue motor electronic ignition.

Q What sort of Gearbox have i got? M20? M21? M22?

Q What is timing or ignition timing?

A Ignition timing is the position of the piston in degrees that the spark plug fires at. IE: 6-degree btdc....The spark to ignite the fuel air mixture in the combustion chamber will fire when the piston is 6 flywheel degrees before top dead center (its highest point). The spark is fired before the piston reaches its highest point in its cycle to give time for the fuel/air mix to ignite and start to burn in a controlled manner expanding the gasses,which then push the piston down, thereby turning the crank . If the spark fires too soon the expanding gasses will try to push the piston down before it reaches tdc (Backwards, which causes a loss in power) If the spark fires too late, the piston will already on the down stroke when the air/fuel ignites, being pulled down by the crank Assembly, not being pushed down by the expanding gasses.(again loosing power)

Q How do i tell what motor i have?

Q what size carburettor should i fit to my motor?

Q How do tell what differential ratio i have?

Q How do i tell the difference between253/308?

Q What is a stage 2 shift kit?

A Stage 2 shift kit is a modified plate that goes between the valve body and the body of the trans. In some trans,holes have to be drilled and different checkvalves and checkvalve springs have to be used. This makes the shift harsh-no lagging/flairing between gears-a positive gear change feeling. Stage 2 trans is different again-heavier clutches/sprags/servo etc. A shift kit can be put in with the trans still in the car-not recomended though.