Differential Codes

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   G80    LSD       Banjo        
   G88    3.36:1    Salisbury        
   G89    3.55:1    Salisbury    HK HT    
   G90    3.90:1    Banjo        
   G91    3.55:1    Banjo        
   G92    2.78:1    Banjo        
   G93    3.08:1    Banjo        
   G94    3.08:1    Salisbury        
   G95    3.36:1    Banjo    

HQ MODELS HQ had a seperate code for banjo and salisbury differentials

   GV1    3.08:1    Salisbury       
   GV2    3.36:1    Salisbury        
   GV3    2.78:1    Salisbury        
   GV4    3.55:1    Salisbury        
   G90    3.90:1    Bango        
   G91    3.55:1    Bango        
   G93    3.08:1    Bango        
   G95    3.36:1    Bango        
   G80    LSD            


HJ-HZ had the same code for banjo and salisbury differentials

   GU4    3.08:1         
   GU7    2.78:1            
   GV4    3.36:1            
   GV7    3.55:1            
   G70    2.60:1            
   G80    LSD            
   GU8    3.90:1    ?????        

*The Differential ratio is also stamped on the drive pinion, grab a wire brush and clean off around the flange mounting face, this is where the ratio is stamped, The drive pinion and diff centre are a matched set ie...you cannot use a 3.36 drive pinion with a 3.08 diff centre.