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Page created by T Mar 28th 2019:

General information

HQ -WB Bonnet Hinges. Click to Enlargen. Photo by keijames.

Bonnet Hinges:

Submission 1:

Submission by keijames:

Just sold a set Kevin. There is a guy, David Moore from Sydney, who put's oversize rivets in hinges. He took over the process from a Greg Thackray who passed away 18 months ago. I've watched the process, it isn't easy. David sells at swap meets. I'll try to find his number. other than that, search swap meets but the only true way to check hinges is with the spring removed. Bonnet hinges will align with a small amount of play in them, so your's may have too much play. End of submission by keijames.

Submission 2:

Submission by KevinFlutey.

Thanks Keith, I found a site that showed the process replacing the rivets with these with lick nuts so reckon I'll have a shot at it !! Kev

End of submission.

Rivets can be replaced with these and lock nuts. Click to Enlargen. Photo by KevinFlutey.


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