Blue Crank in a Red Six

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202 Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal. Refer to Ben Simpson's post. Click to enlargen. Photo by SickHG.


hi guys i just have some questions about 202's

1: will the crank from a blue 202 fit a red 202?
Yes. The block and seal type will determine whether the crank is fully compatible or not.

2: what is a rope seal and niopreen seal crank?
See the link to the page.
3: how do i know which one i have and what difference does it make?
One is larger than the other. Each crank requires the appropriate seal.
4: will pistons and rods from blue 202's fit into the red 202's?
5: what are star fire con rods?
Conrods that were originally fitted to Starfire engines. They are considered favourable.

to any one that can answer these questions please help me out
thanks in advance



thats a neo block there. i think you'll find the sealing surface of the crank is bigger in diameter on a rope crank than the neo ones.

End of Ben Simpson's submission.



Rear Oil Seal



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