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OK guys, I'm trying to put together a list of badges from the different models, it is confusing sometimes for people who look at for instance a 186 badge, aren't they all the same? well no they are not, they changed over the models, so hopefully this page will help people to ascertain what badge they need or what badge they have.

If you see a badge in the wrong section or saying it is mounted to the wrong place or it can be mounted elsewhere or you want to add badges then please edit this page, I am nowhere near knowledgeable about badges so I'll definitely need help. - ReaperHR (Help - Thanks Ron for adding your badge collection here - rusty)


F Series - FX to FB

FX Badges

The letters H-O-L-D-E-N are mounted on the front of the bonnet and on the boot

FJ Badges

FE Badges

FC Badges

FB Badges

E Series - EK to EH

EK Badges

EJ Badges

The letters H-O-L-D-E-N are mounted to the front of the bonnet and across the boot

EH Badges

H Series - HD to HZ

HD Badges

HR Badges

HR Livery HRPanelvan's Shed

HK Badges

HT Badges

HG Badges

HQ Badges

HJ Badges

HX Badges

HZ Badges

Others - WB, Torana, Gemini, Sunbird

WB Badges

Torana Badges

Gemini Badges

Sunbird Badges

Commodore (Early) - VB to VK

VB Badges

VC Badges

VH Badges

VK Badges