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Page created by unknown Jan 26th 2005: Additional info added by T Apr 20th 2007:

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Genuine 150 LC XU-1 CD Stromberg Carburettors. Note a coolant connection between the centre and left CD's and another at the right hand end of the manifold. Click to Enlargen. Photo by JohnnoEH.


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X2 and 186S Header Part Numbers:

Submitted by 72GTRXU1 on Mon, 07/05/2007 - 12:56. I have been consulting with Dr Terry and others on the Torana forum and this is what we have come up with. X2 Front 7428493 X2 Rear 7428495 186S 161S 173S LC XU1 Front 7433655 186S 161S 173S LC XU1 Rear 7430583 LJ XU1 Front 7428493 LJ XU1 Rear 7430583 There are 3 front sections: (A) Plain X2 (B) Heat riser drilled and (C)Heat riser Blank. As can be seen, the X2 Front and the LJ XU1 Front have the same Part Number. We assume that the Plain one (A) has been replaced with the Blank heat riser (C). Any of the 3 different front sections will fit any of the motors including the X2. However where the auto choke is to be used - part number 7433655 (heat riser drilled) must be used. The rear X2 will not fit any other vehicle except the X2 unless a custom engine pipe is fabricated. The X2 rear flange points more downward rather than more rearward. I hope this helps 72GTRXU1 aka Bazza.


6 Cylinder GTR or XU-1 Torana Distributor Bosch Part Number 9 230 062 663 plus 143 stamped on it. Click to enlargen. Photo by SLR_6.




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