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Page created by DannyW June 11th 2007:

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Note the Armature on the right is burned black. Click to enlargen. Photo by DannyW.

Wiper Motor:

Wiper Motor Testing:

See the Image at the bottom of the page.

Seized Wiper Motors:

OK this is a simple guide on how to fix a seized wiper motor. It's just how to fix ones that no longer turn at all and not ones that don't return or have lost a speed (usually the fastest one) but once I have learnt that I'll update this page.
Now here is the problem:
As you see in this photo when I took the cover off the motor the bearing that holds the shaft in place came with it (meaning the bearing no longer turns freely on the shaft, causing it to not work at all). 
Click to enlargen.Photo by DannyW.

The Plastic Driven Gear showing the Park Tracks (The circular Copper Tracks the Park Brushes ruin on). Click to enlargen.Photo by DannyW.

Wiper Motor Retainer Clip. Click to Enlargen.  Photo by Doh Man 6168.
Wiper Arm Clip. 1. Pull the tab (red Arrow) outwards. 2. You then slide the whole clip (blue Arrow) downwards to remove it. Click to enlargen. Photo by felixthadog.
Wiper Arm Clip. Click to enlargen. Photo by felixthadog.
Wiper Motor Testing. Photo by GraemeG. Click to Enlargen.
Driven Gear. The Park Brushes and Brush Tracks can be seen. Click to enlargen. Photo by HQ_SS.
Another showing where the other bearing was pulled out with the shaft:
Now to take the seized bearings off the shaft so they can be re-lubed up and put back into the housing.
Click to enlargen.Photo by DannyW.

Removing the bearing from the shaft of the gear that turns the wiper arms. These come out by pulling them out. A good way to find out if a wiper motor works is to grab the end that the wiper arms attach to, and, by pushing it in and out, if it moves then its not seized ! But if there's an electrical problem then only one way to find out and that's to plug her in and test it.
Click to enlargen.Photo by DannyW.

Grease all the bearings and shafts up so they can turn freely.
Place the gear back in once I replaced the newly greased up bearing and well lubricated the shaft.
The Driven Gear showing the 2 Park Tracks (the circular rings). Click to enlargen.Photo by DannyW.

Now the slightly tricky bit. To place the motor shaft back, you must hold both the brushes in (spring loaded). The way I did that was to place them in and hold them with my left hand while I put the base of the shaft into its bearing. Then push down until it comes in contact with the bush, once there lever out all the brushes with a flat bladed screwdriver so the shaft can be inserted all the way.
Click to enlargen.Photo by DannyW.

Click to enlargen.Photo by DannyW.

Now it's in you can put the two covers back on it and test it out :D
Remember to put the wiper arms in the right spot or you'll find that it will try and rotate the wipers past their normal travel and stuff your paint :D
Hope this short guide helps someone, will update it as I learn more.


Wipers Stop Too High, Then Descend Before Rising When Restarted:

I had the same problem when i restored my wiper motor
You will find the motor is turning in the wrong direction due to having put the magnets back wrong. I had to change the magnets until it went in the right direction. There should be an arrow on the plate above gear.Paul The magnets are retained by Clips. If the Clips and Magnets are removed and reinstalled top down the North South orientation of the Magnets is reversed which makes the Motor run in reverse. Running in reverse makes the Motor stop at the start position and start at the stop position on the Park Track.
 Just to add to the piece about the wipers descending before rising - this can also be caused by the wires for the two tracks being reversed. Guess how I know this... If the male part of the connector block has been disturbed, lost or broken and the wires are not 'keyed' (i.e. idiot proofed) into the correct positions on the female connector, then you can have the same trouble. Assuming that the 'bump' or one-way female connector locating slot (which prevents connecting the two connector halves around the wrong way) is at the top, as you look at it. Then (theoretically) number the connectors from 1 (top left) 2 (top right) 3 (bottom left) and 4 (bottom right).  The correct wiring connections are: 1 Black2 Light Blue3 White4 Yellow  Then it should work as planned and park properly.


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