VK EFI Improved

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These are the modifications made to one particular LC GTR XU1 fitted with blue 202, Crow Stage3 camshaft (advertised duration 304 degrees, lobe centres 110 degrees), mild porting, and a VK EFI manifold utilising VN components to get proper computerised engine management.

VN Commodore Delco management unit (Computer and Memcal)

VK electronic distributor needs to be internally lock wired to prevent any mechanical advance from occurring. (Computer now controls advance. Having both can be fatal to motor.)

Use electronic module for HEI distributor from JE Camira.

Wire the ignition loom to match Camira layout.

Change spark reference angle in Delco software to suit.

XR6 Falcon 16 ohm injectors. (Up to 270HP, these are to suit the cam choice)

Change VK switch mode throttle position sensor for VN potentiometer type to suit Delco management.

Tap and fit VN air temperature sensor.

Change VK coolant temperature sensor for computer to VN unit. (Not gauge sender.)

Change VK vane airflow sensor for VN MAP air flow sensor.

Engine will then run, roughly.

Computer needs remapping for optimum results. (A low vacuum problem can be bypassed in software.)

With above modifications the motor produced 125 Kw at the back wheels, and the car ran high 14s for the quarter.