VB to VK Production Option Codes

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VB-VK Production Option Availability
Code Description Further Description Models
AA2 Windshield Full Tint Export - (VH & VK)
AA3 Tinted All Windows (Laminated Tinted Windshield) - Export (VK)
AG5 Vertical Lift Seat Adjustment Right Side Manual (VB, VC & VH)
AH2 Windshield Toughened Glass - Export
AS9 Rear Seat Head Restraint - (VC & VH)
AQ9 Front Seat Bucket Passenger & Driver Reclining (VK)
AR9 Front Seat Bucket Passenger & Driver Reclining - European Style - SS Commodore (VK)
AU3 Electric Locking Side Doors - -
A01 Tinted All Windows (Laminated Shaded Windshield) - -
A02 Windshield Laminated Tinted Glass (VH) - -
A31 Power Operated Side Windows - -
A47 Rear Seat Lap & Shoulder Belts (With Retractors) - (VB, VC & VH)
A48 Delete Seat Belts - Export
A8A - - Commodore Vacationer - Series 3 (VH)
A8B Vehicle Package - Trinidad
A8H Transfer Body Side Vacationer - White & Silver (VH)
A8J Transfer Body Side Vacationer - Graduated Golds (VH)
A8K Transfer Body Side Vacationer - Graduated Silvers (VH)
A8M Body Colour Grille & Door Handles - Maranello Red SS Commodore (VH)
A8N Body Colour Grille & Door Handles - Alabaster SS Commodore (VH)
A8P Body Colour Grille & Door Handles - Alpine White SS Commodore (VH)
A8Q - - Executive Package (VH & VK)
A8X Wheel & Tyre ASM. PH1 & QE8/QPL SS Commodore (VK)
A8Y Wheel & Tyre ASM. PF5 & QAP SS Commodore (VK)
A85 Rear Bench Seat with Centre Armrest - (VB, VC & VH)
A9K Commodore Fleet Package 8 VK
A9L High Performance Engine Equipment 4.9-litre SS Commodore (VK)
A9M Tweed Trim Indigo Vacationer P.O. XY8 (VK)
A9N Tweed Trim Claret Vacationer P.O. XY8 (VK)
A9S Mid Green Metallic Paint - Exterior Everglade (VK)
A90 Rear Compartment Lock Release - -
BG9 Floor Covering Rubber -
BT1 National Police Package - (VH & VK)
BY2 Police Vehicle 5.0-litre engine (VH)
B01 Police Vehicle 4.9-litre engine (VH)
B02 Taxi Equipment Package 6 cylinder engine (VH)
B03 Taxi Equipment Package Panel Modification (VH)
B04 Taxi Equipment Package 4 cylinder engine (VH)
B26 Door Pull-To Handle Front Door (VB, VC & VH)
B29 Door Pull-To Handle Rear Door (VB, VC & VH)
B57 Ornamentation Package - Export (VK)
CD4 Windshield Wiper Dwell Control - (VB, VC & VH)
CE3 Headlamp Wiper & Washer - (VB & VC)
CE4 Headlamp Washer System - (VB & VC)
CF5 Sunroof Glass Sliding (Electric) (VK)
C25 Wiper & Washer Tailgate Window - -
C41 Heater & Demister - Export
C49 Heated Rear Window Electric -
C58 Blown Ventilation Non Heated -
C60 Air Conditioner Manual Control - Harrison (VB)
C60 Air Conditioner Manual Control - Air International (VC, VH & VK)
C66 Air Conditioner Preparatory Equipment High Ambient Export
C95 Lamp Dome & Reading (VH & VK)
DF3 Mirror External Remote Control LH -
DG2 Mirror External Remote Control - RH & LH Electric (VK)
D06 Front Console & Armrest - (VH & VK)
DL7 Delete Stripe Fleet Orders (VH)
DY1 Transfer Set Red/Blue - Shadowtone (VC)
DY2 Transfer Set Brown/Gold - Shadowtone (VC)
DY3 Transfer Set Blue/White - Shadowtone (VC)
DY4 Transfer Set Gold/Gold - Shadowtone (VC)
DY6 Transfer Set Blue/Dark Blue - Shadowtone (VC)
D31 Mirror Internal - Anti-Glare -
D94 Touch Up Paint Single Tone -
D95 Touch Up Paint Two Tone -
D99 Paint Two Tone -
E28 Assist Handles (1 front & 2 rear) -
FE2 Suspension Package Police Equipment SS Commodore (VH & VK)
GM5 Axle Ratio Rear 3.89:1 (VK)
GU4 Axle Ratio Rear 3.08:1 -
GU5 Axle Ratio Rear 3.23:1 (VK)
GU7 Axle Ratio Rear 2.78:1 -
GU8 Axle Ratio Rear 3.90:1 -
GV4 Axle Ratio Rear 3.36:1 -
GV7 Axle Ratio Rear 3.55:1 -
G66 Superlift Rear Shock Absorbers - -
G70 Axle Ratio Rear 2.60:1 -
G73 Axle Rear - Heavy Duty (VB, VC & VH)
G80 Limited Slip Differential (L.S.D.) - -
JM8 Rear Disc Brakes - -
K30 Cruise Control Automatic (VC, VH & VK)
K45 Heavy Duty Air Cleaner - -
K69 Ignition Key 3 Key Set -
K72 Delete Exhaust Emission Controls - Export
K73 Alternator - With Built-In Voltage Regulator (70 amp) - (VK)
K75 Delete Evaporative Emission Control - Export
K96 Alternator With Built-In Voltage Regulator (55 amp) (VB, VC & VH)
LD1 Engine - L6 2.85-litre H/Comp. -
LD2 Engine - L6 2.85-litre L/Comp. (VB)
LL9 Engine - L6 3.3-litre H/Comp with Electronic Fuel Injection (VK)
LV2 Engine - V8 4.9-litre H/Comp. (VK)
L14 Engine - L6 3.3-litre H/Comp. -
L18 Engine - L4 1.9-litre H/Comp. (VC, VH & VK)
L23 Engine - L6 3.3-litre L/Comp. -
L31 Engine - V8 5.0-litre H/Comp. -
L36 Engine - V8 4.2-litre L/Comp. {VB, VC & VH)
MC6 Manual Transmission 4-speed - Torquemaster -
M20 Manual Transmission 4-speed - 3.05:1 1st Speed -
M21 Manual Transmission 4-speed - 2.54:1 1st Speed -
M38 Automatic Transmission Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 (VC & VH)
M40 Automatic Transmission Trimatic -
M41 Automatic Transmission Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 & 350 (VB)
M76 Manual Transmission 5-speed - 3.23:1 1st Speed (VH & VK)
NO5 Fuel Tank Locking Cap - -
N10 Dual Exhaust System - (VB, VC & VH)
N23 Fuel Tank 82-litre - Sedan (VK)
N30 Single Spoke Steering Wheel 8VK, 8VL with power steering Export (VK)
N40 Power Steering - -
N51 Manual Steering - -
N70 Wheel 5.50JJ x 13 Steel -
N71 Wheel 6.00JJ x 14 Alloy SS Commodore (VH)
PC1 Wheel 6.00JJ x 14 Steel -
PF5 Wheel 7.00JJ x 16 Alloy (VK)
PH1 Wheel 7.00JJ x 15 Alloy -
PH9 Wheel 6.00JJ x 15 Alloy -
PY8 Wheel 5.50JJ x 14 Steel (VK)
P02 Wheel Cover Use with PC1 wheels (VC & VH)
P03 Wheel Cover Use with N70 wheels (VC)
QAJ Tyre - P185/75SR14 Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QAP Tyre - 225/50VR16 Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. SS Commodore (VK)
QBC Tyre - BR60H15 6P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QBD Tyre - BR78S13 6P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QBY Tyre - BR78S14 4P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QCH Tyre - CR78H14 6P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QCJ Tyre - CR70H14 6P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QCR Tyre - CR78S14 4P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QEB Tyre - ER60H15 Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. SS Commodore (VK)
QEU Tyre - ER70H14 6P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QFL Tyre - P205/60HR15 4P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QPL Tyre - 235/60VR15 Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. SS Commodore (VK)
QQL Tyre - P185/75HR14 Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QQN Tyre - P175/75SR14 Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QQY Tyre - 175SR13 6P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QSH Tyre - 195/70HR14 6P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QST Tyre - 175SR14 4P/R Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
QZM Tyre - 205/70HR14 Steel Belted Radial B.S.W. -
T60 Battery 60 AH Dry Charge -
T64 Delete Battery - -
UA1 Battery 60 AH Deep Cycling - Heavy Duty -
UB6 Instrument Cluster Oil, Volt, Tachometer
UL5 Delete Radio - -
UM2 Stereo Radio Casette Player AM/FM - Push Button (VK)
UN3 Stereo Radio Casette Player AM/FM - Electronic Tune (VK)
UN9 Radio Interference Suppression Package 8-cyl. Engine (VH & VK)
UO5 Dual Horns - -
U11 Speedometer Police -
U16 Instrument Cluster Tachometer -
U19 Instrument Cluster Kilo/Miles Export
U4A Value Package - (VH)
U4D Reinforcement Front Seat Mounting - -
U4E Medium Blue Metallic Paint Exterior Pacific Blue (VK)
U4G Medium Red Metallic Paint Exterior Venetian Red Vacationer P.O. XY8 (VK)
U4H Medium Yellow Solid Paint Exterior Butternut (VK)
U4I Medium Grey Metallic Paint Exterior Silver Slate (VK)
U4J Red Solid Paint Exterior Venus Red (VK)
U4K Medium Blue Metallic Paint Exterior Formula Blue (VK)
U4L Medium Blue Metallic Paint Zodiac Blue Vacationer P.O. XY8 (VK)
U4M Plush Velour Oyster Trim (VK)
U4N Tweed Knit Cloth Oyster Trim - 8VK (VK)
U4Q Light Brown Solid Paint Exterior Almond (VK)
U4R Plush Velour Copper Trim (VK)
U4S Leather Copper Trim - 8VK (VK)
U4U Plush Cord Copper Trim - 8VL (VK)
U4V Plush Cord Oyster Trim - 8VL (VK)
U4Z Special Fleet Colours - (VK)
U40 Instrument Digital Read Out - Trip Computer (VH & VK)
U5A White Solid Paint Exterior Alpine (VK)
U5B Silver Metallic Paint Exterior Asteroid (VK)
U5C Light Blue Solid Paint Exterior Coral (VK)
U5D Mid Blue Metallic Paint Exterior Spindrift (VK)
U5E Dark Blue Metallic Paint Exterior Cerulean (VK)
U5F Light Green Solid Paint Exterior Bamboo (VK)
U5G Mid Green Metallic Paint Exterior Avocado (VK)
U5H Dark Green Metallic Paint Exterior Mistletoe (VK)
U5I Light Brown Solid Paint Exterior Rye (VK)
U5J Mid Brown Metallic Paint Exterior Brandy (VK)
U5K Dark Brown Metallic Paint Exterior Cork (VK)
U5L Red Solid Paint Exterior Maranello (VK)
U5M Light Copper Metallic Paint Exterior Corniche (VK)
U5N Mid Copper Metallic Paint Exterior Copper (VK)
U5O Dark Copper Metallic Paint Exterior Cedar (VK)
U5Q Light Brown Metallic Paint Exterior Flemington Tan (VK)
U5R Plush Velour Cerulean Trim 8VX (VK)
U5S Tweed Knit Cloth Cerulean Trim 8VK (VK)
U5T Plush Cord Cerulean Trim 8VL (VK)
U5V Turquoise Metallic Paint Exterior Pacific Turquoise (VK)
U5W Plush Velour Avocado Trim 8VX (VK)
U5X Tweed Knit Cloth Avocado Trim 8VK35 (VK)
U5Y Plush Cord Avocado Trim 8VL (VK)
U5Z Vinyl Oyster Trim 8VK (VK)
U58 Radio - AM/FM Stereo Push Button -
U61 Delete Digital Read Out - Trip Computer - 8VX (VH)
U72 Power Antenna Front -
U80 Rear Seat Speaker - -
U91 Roof Sign Lead (Taxi) - -
VA1 Standard Radiator - -
VK6 Sign Holder - Front Government Orders -
VK7 Sign Holder - Rear Government Orders -
V01 Heavy Duty Radiator - -
V30 Bumper Guards Front & Rear (VB & VC)
V5H Engine Performance Equipment (Manual) 5.0-litre Engine (VH & VK)
V5Q Vinyl Trim - -
V5T Trim - Interior Coppertone Leather - 8VX (VK)
V5Z Delete Safety Compliance Plate Export
V53 Delete Roof Luggage Carrier -
V55 Roof Luggage Carrier - -
V6F Transfer - Body Side Vacationer - White & Beige (VH)
V6F Transfer - Body Side Vacationer - Orange & Beige (VH)
V6G Transfer - Body Side Vacationer - White & Brown (VH)
V6G Transfer - Body Side Vacationer - Orange & Brown (VH)
V6Q Shadow Tone - (VC & VH)
V6S Government Orders - -
V6T Fleet Orders - -
V7K C.S.O. Equipment Korea -
V7P Air Conditioner Manual Control - Harrison (VC)
V7X Engine Modification 8-cylinder Engine (VK)
V7Y Emission Control Equipment New South Wales -
V8A External Noise Level Equipment - (VC)
V8C State Code Victoria -
V8D State Code Tasmania -
V8E State Code South Australia -
V8F State Code Western Australia -
V8G State Code Northern Territory -
V8H State Code Queensland -
V8J State Code New South Wales -
V8K State Code Australian Capital Territory -
V8P Modified Gate (Automatic) Transmission Control -
V8T Transfer - Body Side Gold - 8VX exc. Shadow Tone (VH)
V8U Transfer - Body Side Silver - 8VX exc. Shadow Tone (VH)
V8V Transfer - Body Side Medium Brown - 8VX exc. Shadow Tone (VH)
V8W Transfer - Body Side Light Green - 8VX exc. Shadow Tone (VH)
V8Z Transfer - Body Side Silver - 8VK, 8VL (VH)
V81 Trailer Provisions Government Orders -
V85 Fire Extinguisher - 3LB Government Orders -
V88 Ladder Rack Government Orders -
V9A Transfer - Body Side Gold - 8VK, 8VL (VH)
V9G Transfer - Body Side Vacationer - White/Beige (VC)
V9G Transfer - Body Side Vacationer - White/Silver (VC)
V9H Transfer - Body Side Vacationer - White/Dark Brown (VC)
V9H Transfer - Body Style Vacationer - Light Blue/Dark Blue (VH)
V9Q Transfer - Body Side 9VX exc. Shadow Tone - Dull Red (VH)
V9R Indonesian Vehicle Package 6-cylinder (VH)
V9S Indonesian Vehicle Package 4-cylinder (VH)
V9S Indonesian Vehicle Package 6-cylinder (VK)
XS2 Hot Fuel Handling Package 5.0-litre Engine (VH)
XS6 Reclining Bucket Seats - -
XS9 Vinyl & Cloth Trim - -
XT8 Leather Trim 8VX (VB, VC & VH)
XV2 - - SS Commodore Sports Sedan (VH & VK)
XW2 South African Vehicle Package - -
XW4 - - Commodore Vacationer
XW5 Outback Equipment Package - -
XW6 Paint Metallic Finish -
XX3 New Zealand Vehicle Package - -
XX4 Thailand Vehicle Package - -
XX5 Singapore Vehicle Package - (VK)
XX6 Paint Fleet Colours -
XX9 Paint Road Wheels - Body Colour -
XY8 - - Commodore Vacationer - Series 2 (VH & VK)
ZZ1 Recommended Axle - -
ZZ3 Performance Axle - -