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Red and Black V8 Starter Motors. Left is HQ - HZ (red). Right is Commodore (blue/black). See the text for Interchangeability Ino. Photo by Davequey. Click to Enlargen.


V8 Starters:

Holden Starter Differences:


I have just found out the hard way that red engine starters (V8) are different to 304-308 black engine starters in VL,s with trimatic.
The difference is in the mounting section, there is approxomately 1/4" difference when measureing from the base of the circular section to the top where it meets the block.(VL is shorter)
I got over it by using my VL mounting base on the armiture and housing from the red starter.. The question is does anyone know when they changed ? On another note I did find that all 6 cylinder starters from VB to VK and early Ford to EA all shared the same or very similar armiture, housing and brushes arrangement as all V8 starters from HQ to VL V8.
That is to say you can use any of these provided you have the right mounting section.

End of submission by Hushtech.

Red and Black V8 Starter Interchangability:

By davequey 07/03/11@20:28 Shed LetsCruise 3350  to make the starter fit between red - blue/black, all you need to do is change the nose section, a simple 2min job, End of submission by Davequey.

Pinion Gear Pitch Mismatch:

T I think the mismatch will be for the small block chev ring gears and starter motors. Holden dont have a mismatch problem.

(Postcode 3207 - Home of the mighty Holden) End of submission by 383HGBrougham.

The hi torque starter motor was binding in the flex plate (which was warped) as can be seen in the photo one reco oem stater motor & a new flex plate & the only sound from the car now is a very nice V8 burble. Infp and Photo by CondoHK69 . Click to Enlargen.


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