V6 Harmonic Balancer

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Page created by T May 13th 2007:

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V6 Harmonic Balancer:

The V6 Harmonic Balancer is Different:

Submitted by bf6379 on Tue, 30/01/2007 - 12:10.
We are talking about a V6 harmonic balancer here fella's, very different to a red/blue/black balancer.
No timing marks on the V6 balancer, timing is not adjustable, so no need for timing marks.
The DFI pickup tabs are mounted on the centre section, so even if the outer does slip on the inner, the ignition timing is not effected.

From memory, even if the rubber completely falls out, the outer cannot fall off the inner. The two parts are mechanically locked together and just go metal to metal if the rubber disintegrates, and get very noisy.



V6 Harmonic Balancer Removal:

Submitted by bf6379 on Wed, 31/01/2007 - 08:55.
I know at least the VN series 2 and VP engines had the big bolt in the centre. It is VERY tight (about 200 ftlbs if i remember correctly). I had an engine on an engine stand and it was almost impossible to undo with an extended breaker bar. I had two bolts screwed into the flex plate mounting holes with a steel bar held by a mate to stop the engine turning. Bent and broke one of the bolts on the first attempt.

Once the big bolt is undone the balancer almost falls off in your hand.


Harmonic Balancer Seal Replacement:

The seal is a different design from that used in red/blue/black engines. Remove it by tapping a small hole in the face of the seal with a punch. Insert a small self tapping screw into the hole
and pull the seal out with pliers gripping the screw. Make sure you punch the soft part of the seal and not a part that has timing case alloy behind it.

Make sure that the contact surface on the Harmonic Balancer is smooth. If not, replace it. Oil the seal face of the Harmonic Balancer before installing it.




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