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173 Engine. The Trimatic Dipstick is at the rear of the Engine on the Driver's side. . Image by Vernonv. Click to Enlargen.

The Oil:

Trimatics use Dexron I, II or III Automatic Transmission Fluid. Transmax M is also suitable.
Using the wrong oil will produce a bang on gearchange.

ATF Expands With Temperature:

The ATF used in a Trimatic expands significantly with temperature.
Only when the engine and gearbox are hot can a true reading be made.

Checking the Oil Level:

Secure the vehicle from moving by following the steps in Securing the Vehicle.
To check the oil level in a Trimatic...
The Engine and Trimatic must be hot (Recommend a 20 minute drive or 20 - 30 minutes with the engine at a fast idle. Move the gearstick through ALL positions BEFORE checking the level if this second method is used).
The Car must be parked on level ground
The Gear Selector Lever must be placed in Park
The Handbrake must be on
The Engine must be running at idle
Remove the Dipstick and take a reading
The Dipstick is labelled Full Hot and Add (1 pint or 1/2 litre)

Correcting the Fluid Level:

Shut the Engine down and add the amount of oil you estimated was needed. This should be sufficient oil to bring the Dipstick to the Full Hot level. >Restart the Engine, re dip the Oil and recheck the level. If overfilled, unscrew the Modulator, let some fluid drain then screw the Modulator back in again; see Replacing the Modulator.

You can also correct the oil level by slightly loosening one of the oil cooler pipes at the radiator. With the engine running a slow oil leak can be created and oil drained until the level falls to the correct level.


Submitted by merc9112006 on Thu, 10/05/2007 - 15:46.
... fixed my trimatic problem with shifting too hard and whatnot by adding the cooler but heres my info
at around 40c the viscosity of dexron III is around 30.0
at 100c it drops to about 8.3
soon as i cooled the dex III right my gear changes have been smooth as silk.
End of submission by merc9112006. 




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