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The arrow shows the location of the Ram Air Intake. Click to Enlargen. This is the cause of mud accumulation in the Throttle Body and Inlet Manifold.


Vacuum Source:

So often Trimatics get fully rebuilt when the only thing wrong with them is that vacuum is not getting to the Modulator. Ensure that vacuum gets all the way down to the Modulator before declaring the need for a rebuild.
V8 Trimatic. The arrow shows the location of the Dipstick Washer which can break its weld.Click to Enlargen. Photo by Hot308VK.


The stop at the top of the dipstick can break its spot welding. When it does the dipstick willdelve deeper into the gearbox than it should. As a result the dipstick can declare theoil level Full Hot when it is actually below Add. Replace the dipstick if this fault is present.

EFI VK Vacuum:

Because the ram-air intake is below the bumper on these cars the airfilter picks up lots of dust. Should the vehicle throw water into the ram-air intake the dust in the filteris converted to mud and sucked into the engine.This mud layers the throttle valve and can make its way all the way down the Modulator's vacuum line, blocking it up solid. A replacement vacuum pipe can be the only fix for this.The loss of vacuum to the Modulator will cause erratic behaviour from the Trimatic.

Detent Solenoid:

If for any reason you need to disconnect the detent solenoid from the valve body during a service with the pan removed, it is imperative that you bolt the solenoid to the case and not leave it hanging by its wire.Leaving it hanging by its wire will break the unit.

The Speedo Cable:

Before unbolting and removing the Speedo cable it is imperative to make a large loop out of the cable. Simply unbolting the cable and pulling it out of the casing will put a kink in the cable, especially in Toranas.

Selector Shaft Seal:

The Selector Shaft Seal is tiny and replacing it can ruin the gearbox's casing. The seal should be removed and replaced using a special tool only.

V8 Trimatic. Photo by hot308VK. 1 = Gear Selector Shaft and Seal, 2 = Oil Pan, 3 = Torque-Converter Access Cover Plate. Click to Enlargen.




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