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Page created by T Oct 18th 2014:

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T Bar Left Hand To Right Hand Conversion. Photo by uca78t. Click to Enlargen

Trimatic Selector Conversion:

T Bar Left Hand To Right Hand Conversion:

Submission by uca78t:
... here's the piccy of the bottom of my UC auto shifter. As you can see I can switch selecter rod from left to right. I did this because the the UC autos are left hand shifter (UNSURE ABOUT THE COLUMN SHIFT BUTS ITS MOST LIKELY A RIGHT LIKE LH & LX) & my V8 auto is a right shifter & unlike the H series & LH, LX shifter you can't pull the UC shifter apart & switch from left to right. This shifter is a seal unit.
The mod itself was very easy I went to Pick n Payless & I foud a selecter from a VS or VT V6 Comodore & was long enough for me the bend at a 90 decree angle to make mirror image of the factory selecter.
Cheers Shane

T Bar Left Hand To Right Hand Conversion. Photo by uca78t. Click to Enlargen

Trimatic Shifter Conversion:

trimatic Submitted by holdenfan (not verified) on Sun, 05/02/2017 - 19:12.

This is a straight forward conversion, everything under the car is the same, tailshaft, crossmember spedocable I am pretty sure about.

What ever shifter you buy you will need to make sure it matchs the box, ie left entry of shifter for late torana/Commodore, right entry for some others.

All you need then do is extend the reverse and safety switch wires to the switch on the T bar. If you can ind a HJ to WB with floor shift they have a a plug under the dash and you can get the wires there, they are two green and two violet. LH to UC Torana should be the same. Then all you need is a light for the shift pattern, take a wire of he light switch to the console through the lamp to earth, all done.

End of submission by holdenfan

Column Shift To Left Hand Conversion:

This can be done by performing a cable conversion. See the link below.


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