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Getting Long Life From a Trimatic:

Service Intervals:

The recommended service intervals must be observed.
While the gearbox will continue to function if routine servicing doesn't happen,
the life of the gearbox will be reduced.
As the Clutches and Band engage and disengage they deposit material into the oil reserve.
Not all of these contaminants make their way to the Oil Filter. If the Oil Filter blocks up, the Clutch Packs and Band will not engage fully and they will burn out. Also the shifts will be erratic. If the Servo Cover is not removed and cleaned, the Second/Third shifts will be adversely affected minimising the life of the Band and Third Clutch.
Cleaning out the contaminants from the pan and from the Servo Cover is part of a routine Service and returns the gearbox to its natural level of smoothness.


Kickdowns stress the gearbox. A Power/Economy Switch gives the driver a choice. Leaving the Switch in Economy will extend the life of the Gearbox by minimising the stress on the Band and Clutch Packs as well as the shock on the Gearset.

Vacuum Line:

This line can block up slowly so poor performance of the gearbox can creep up un-noticed.
Top Gear might take a long time to engage and the slipping will shorten the life of the 3rd Clutch.
Keeping the Vacuum Line clear ensures that the correct info gets to the Modulator and that
the Shift Points and Shift Rates will be correct.


Keeping the Trimatic cool will extend both the life of the transmission oil and the life of the gearbox. It will also give the Torque-Converter a wider coupling range which will improve economy.
Fan Braking can work to keep the Trimatic cool. 



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