Trimatic Bellhousing Change

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Page created by T Dec 22 2009:

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Cutaway of V8 Trimatic with Driver's Side Selector Lever. Photo by Qute. Click to Enlargen.

Trimatic Bellhousing Change:

V8 Trimatic Bellhousing with unfortunate aftermarket design alteration. Click to Enlargen, Photo by Crocky and 69HT_MUNRO

Special Tools:

When changing the Bellhousing special tools are needed to align the Oil
Pump to ensure that the Front Bearing and Oil Pump won't fail.  The Tool number is 7AT12. The tolerance set in the Tool is finer than the Converter Spout to ensure that the Spout can Position without causing the Front Bearing or Front Plate to score.

V8 Bellhousing:

By Dave EH 25/04/10@01:01 Shed 5157
...and be aware that V8 Trimatic bellhousings often warp across the oil pump face, so check for straightness. When I was in the auto game we would only use them after they'd been checked and milled across the face.
End of submission by DaveEH.
Commodore style 6 Cyl Bellhousing. With the Torque Converter removed the Bellhousing Bolts can be seen. Image by David Nye. Click to Enlargen.
Early style 6 Cylinder Trimatic Bellhousing. Image by merc9112006. Click to Enlargen.
Photo by hot308VK. Passenger side shot of a Commodore V8 Trimatic. Click to enlargen.
A thin Seal exists between the Bellhousing and the Trimatic Casing. Image by merc9112006. Click to Enlargen.
Photo by SleakVH. 6 Cyl Torque-Converter. Click to enlargen.

Bellhousing Bolts:

V8 Cylinder Bellhousing Bolts:

3/8" UNC x 2" long you need 6 all up. These have a 9/16" Hex.End os submission by Myeh.

Six Cylinder Bellhousing Bolts:

T, the 6 cyls use a 7/16" UNC which is 5/8" hex.. Six Cyl uses 4 Bolts, 2 extra for the Starter. Six Cylinder Bolt Lengths are determined by the Bellhousing.




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