Trimatic 6 to V8 Conversion

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Page created by T Mar 1st 2009:

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V8 Trimatic Automatic Gearbox. Leftmost is the Bellhousing with white Torque Converter, the blue band is the Oil Pump, the Reverse Clutch Pack Plates are black and the gold Second Clutch Plates are to the right mounted on the bronze coloured Drum. Photo by Qute. Click to Enlargen.

Trimatic 6 to V8 Conversion:

 383HGBrougham on Sat, 02/05/2009 - 10:01. Only the 6 cylinder transmission has both the half and full circle bellhousing!
V8 transmissions use the same half circle bellhousing.

V8 Bellhousing:

V8 Trimatics use a different Bellhousing to 6 Cyl Trimatics and the V8 Trimatic Block Patterns are different  to 6 Cylinder Bellhousings. By Dave EH 25/04/10@01:01 Shed 5157

...and be aware that V8 Trimatic bellhousings often warp across the oil pump face, so check for straightness. When I was in the auto game we would only use them after they'd been checked and milled across the face.

End of submission by DaveEH.

Trimatic converted from V8 to 6 Cyl. Photo by Daves59. Click to enlargen.

Be aware there are 2 types of Block Patterns for V8 Bellhousings, Trimatic and Turbo Pattern. Refer to this page to figure what your V8 has Block Patterns.

Chev Block Pattern Bellhousing on V8 Trimatic. Photo by78gts . Click to Enlargen.
Chev Block Pattern Bellhousing on V8 Trimatic. Photo by78gts . Click to Enlargen.
Chev Block Pattern Bellhousing on V8 Trimatic. Photo by78gts . Click to Enlargen.

6 Cyl Bellhousings:

6 Cylinder Bellhousings have a different Block Pattern to V8 Trimatics. The Block Pattern is the same for all 6 Cylinder Trimatics. There are half and full cover 6 Cylinder Bellhousings.

Torque Converters:

V8 Trimatics use a different Torque Converter from 6 Cyl Trimatics.

Trimatic Gearbox:

V8 Trimatics use the same Gearbox section as 6 Cyl and 4 Cyl Trimatics but the number of plates in the Clutch Packs are different and the Shift Valves are different.

Clutch Plates:

More plates are used in the V8 Clutch packs because they have to handle more power.

Shift Valves:

Different Shift Valves are used in V8 Trimatics to make the Gearbox change up sooner and take advantage of the extra power and torque.

Special Tools:

When changing the Bellhousing special tools are needed to align the Oil
Pump. If the special Tools are not used the Oil Pump will fail. By hq308belmont 22/12/09@08:32 Shed 2770 The special tool is basically just the spout of a converter which you use to line up the bellhousing before you bolt it up. End of submission by hq308belmont.

Trimatic Installation:

When installing a Trimatic refer to the Trimatic Installation Tips page 


A 6 Cylinder Trimatic uses a thing called a Locator to centre the Torque Converter. A Locator is a small steel bush that fits between the Crankshaft and the Torque Converter. It is fit by hand and may need a light tap with a Hammer and Screwdriver to remove it. A V8 Torque Converter has the Locator welded onto the Torque Converter. It cannot be removed from the Torque Converter.   Locator info here.  

Input Shafts:

The Trimatic 6 Cyl and V8 Input Shafts are different.





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