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GPS Trcking:

Submitted by ReaperHR on Tue, 19/09/2006 - 16:00

I'm having trouble finding the damn gps tracking pages I had, I did find these two though but they are far more expensive, or was that just the installation, anyway:
Quiktrak this mob was quoted at $1800 installed and $1 per day surveillance
Carcom no idea on costs but I presume roughly the same.

CarCom is GPS + GSM tracking, whereas QuickTrak is radio tracking.

ah found some atleast:
Intellitrac this was one I originally looked at.
Carminder I'm not sure if this was the other security/tracking page I was looking at, but it does look promising (and cheap! with no monthly charges)

There's also companies like Smarttrack which would be useful, I'd especially find it useful to be able to check on the wifes car from home.
Ezitrak is another cheap one with no monthly charges similar to carminder.

I'm leaning towards something like Ezitrak, simply because there is no monthly charges and you can still get the co-ordinates of the car, if a thief knew you had any of these setups and was equipped to block them they would. But lets face it, they're old holdens, what thief is going to be prepared to steal an old holden and also be prepared to block some of the most current tracking systems. If installed and hidden properly it'd take a very dedicated and well equipped thief to get away with the car, and if a thief like that wants your car then he'll get it anyway.

All those links again:







End of submission by ReaperHR


Submitted by rusty on Wed, 20/09/2006 - 06:58.

The newer phones in AU have GPS in them but make sure it is enabled.
Last price I got for a HP phone with gps was around the $1000 mark but this fall in time. I am sure there is a java script for download that would sms the location back if an sms request was sent.
Amateur radio with packet radio is another way too.

End of submission by Rusty





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