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Page created by T May 16th 2010:

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A Spanner cut in half is very useful for accessing limited access spaces. Photo by T. Click to Enlargen.


Cut Down Spanners:

These can be made by cutting an ordianry Spanner in half. It will be eternally useful for accessing tight places.

Holden Special Tools

1A4 - Weatherstrip clip insertion tool 1A6 - Windsreen moulding removal tool  
 <img src="" alt="1A7" title="1A7" width="140" height="81" /> <img src="" alt="1A6" title="1A6" width="150" height="119" />    
1A7 - Roof side moulding removal tool                

Litchfield Holden Special Tools

E1119 - Wire Hose Clip Pliers E1100 - Brake master cylinder spanner

 <img src="" alt="E1119" title="E1119" align="right" /><img src="" alt="E1100" title="E1100" width="114" height="40" align="right" />
1/2" AF Racthet Spanner. Photo by T. Click to Enlargen.

Ratchet Spanners:




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