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Original submission by T Apr 12th 2007:

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The $25 Thermal Switch fitted to a 6 Cylinder UC Torana. 8 years trouble free in a daily driver so far. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.

Thermo Fan Switch:

Natrad made this up for me for $25. It's a 3" length of pipe with a screw fitting to take an Holden
Top Tank Switch.

I cut 1" out of the top radiator hose and fitted this 3" length into the gap. Natrad made the flares
so that the hoses would not come off. They've been running fine on both cars since 2000.  A typical Top Tank Switch turns on at 104 degrees and turns off at 93 degrees.
A 2 contact top tank switch GMH part number 92045312.
A single contact top tank switch GMH part number VS17369
Natrad made this up for me for $25. Click to Enlargen. Image by T.

6 Cylinder HZ Top tank switch circled in violet. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Ruski.
Top Tank Switch used for activating Thermo Fans. Photo by March17th. Click to Enlargen.

HJ Holden with Davies Craig Temperature Switch.  Image by BernieHJ. Click to Enlargen.

Davies Craig Thermal Switch:

The top hose sender(housing and all) is part of the Davies Craig EWP 115 kit. The terminal connector is like the modern commodore style two pin plug. I've had this EWP almost 5yrs,but I assume there still much the same. It all fits together real well,works perfectly,and as you say,still looks tidy. Cheers, Bernie. 


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