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The Holden V8:

History Of The Holden V8.......

Introduced in 1969, the Holden 'bent eight' was the first and only Australian-designed and built V8 engine to be produced in volume. More than 541,000 Holden V8s were produced over a 30-year period. These versatile and muscular performers were successively re-engineered to embrace such advances as unleaded fuel and multi-point fuel injection and powered every mainstream model from the HT Holden to the top-selling VT Commodore.

The home grownV8 was first exhibited in the futuristic Holden Hurricane concept car and 1969 HT model buyers could choose between 253 cubic inch (4.2 litre) and 308 cubic inch (5.0 litre) versions, which were promoted for their caravan-towing torque.

The Holden V8 won instant praise for its low weight, compact size and smooth performance.A police pursuit car favourite and motor sport natural, the Holden V8 was blooded at Bathurst in 1974 and tasted victory for the first time in 1975 when Brock/Sampson took the chequered flag in a Torana L34.

The Holden V8 is also used in open wheeler racing and over the years has found its way into boats, trucks and 4x4 vehicles, to name just a few applications.

A re-engineered 'unleaded' Holden V8 was introduced in 1986. Approval to build a fuel-injected concept engine had been given in 1985 and the first limited production of this significantly upgraded version powered the VL Group A Commodore in 1989. Much more powerful and fuel efficient than its carburettor-fed predecessor, the fuel-injected V8 went into volume production with the release of the VN Commodore range in 1989.




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