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Chat Terms

Term   Description


 Also Known As

 ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid
 ATM At The Moment
 Blow-By  Combustion gases that are blown past the pistons and into the sump
 Brinelling  The process of pressing an indentation into a metal to display how hard it is. Named after the test's inventor.


 Capacitive Discharge Ignition: An Ignition System that uses an Inverter to boost the Battery 12v to 300V and stores the Voltage in a bank of Capacitors. When triggered the Capacitor charge is dumped across the Coil Primary Winding which generates an intense Spark at the Secondary Winding as a result of the high Rise Time of the Primary Voltage. Preferred in Two Stroke environments where Plug Fouling is a major consideration. Has short Spark Duration.

 CFS  Cold Feed Switch

 Core Shift

 A term that describes distortion that has occurred during the casting process.


 Endearing expression for a post Kingswood Holden.

 Detonation  The Fuel Charge burns faster than it is supposed to


 Short for Differential. The Differential is a gearset located in the Rear Axle that allows each Axle to turn at the differing speeds necessary for the Car to make a turn properly. Without a Differential steering a Car would be impossible. The Car would only travel in the straight ahead position. Originally invented by the Chinese as a Compass that would point North irrespective of the direction the device  was rotated to.


 Electronic Control Unit

 EFI  Electronic Fuel Injection
 EST  Electronic Spark Timing (Only fitted to the 6 Cylinder Carburettor VK)
 Flare-Up  This occurs when a high speed Kick Down to Second Gear occurs and the diff ratio is too low
 FYI  For Your Information


 High Enegry Ignition: A system that provides the spark duration of the old points system with the powerful spark of Capacitive Discharge Ignition.

 Hy-dramatic  Endearing alternative name for GMH's first automatic gearbox, Hydramatic.
ID IDentification
ID Inside Diameter
 Nearside  Kerbside of the Car
 NS  Near Side. The side nearest the kerb.
OD Outside Diameter
 Offside  Driver's Side of the Car
 OS  The side away from the kerb, the Driver's side.
 PCV  Positive Crankcase Ventilation
 Plug Fouling  The 2 Electrodes on the Spark Plug have material lying across them. The material shorts them out and prevents them from sparking properly or even sparking at all.

 When the Breaker-Points used in early distributors shut at high speed they bounce causing premature and weak spark.  

 The Combustion Process is initiated before the Spark Plug sparks. Can be caused by glowing particles in the Combustion Chamber and that includes deposits on the Spark Plugs. Can also be caused by Fuel with too low octane rating.
 Radio Frequency Spatter
 Electrical interference caused by high voltage discharge. The undesirable crackle heard in the radio.
 The cylinders have to be machined out to a larger size and larger pistons fitted with new piston rings.
 Re-Ring  If the pistons and bores are not too worn, then only the piston rings may need replacing
 Top Dead Centre - The piston is at the very top of its travel.
 TGS  Top Gear Switch
 TPS  Throttle Position Switch as used on EFI VK Commodores.
 Tin Ware
 Rocker Covers or Side Covers
 Tin Wear Endearing Term for Rocker Covers or Side Covers
 Trimagic, Traumatic
 Terms of Endearment
 Vacuum Advance Control
 With Respect To
 WTB  Wanted to Buy
 WTF  What The F

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