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Manual Tailgate Window Winder converted to Electric. Note the keylock in the centre. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.

Tailgate Window Winder:

There are 2 types of Tailgate Window Winder.

Manual Tailgate Window Winder:

The mechanical winder was often broken by well meaning people who did not know how to park the lever. They just kept windinguntil the Winder was shattered or happened to line up to the park position.Because of this they are now a scarcity. 

Operating the Manual Winder:

To close the Window, the Manual Winder Handle is flipped open. It is then wound in the clockwise direction until the window is fully closed.Once closed the Manual Winder is turned in the anti-clockwise direction until it lines up with the park position. Then the winder Handle is folded closed again. 

Electric Tailgate Window Winder:

This was a factory option. The parts can be picked up from wreckers.The Electric Tailgate Window Winder used to have its Electric Motor burn out caused by the cheap Rocker Switchthat was mounted on the Dash.The Switch did not turn off positively and left the motor running in the up or down position until the Motor burned out.Even though there is a thermal overload Relay mounted in the Motor to protect it, everything has its limit. If converting to an ElectricTailgate Window Winder be sure to use a quality Dash Switch that has definite positions for up (switch up), centre off, down (switch down)to avoid burning out your hard work.

Conversion From Manual to Electric:

You need to source the Electric Motor, the Motor mounting assembly and the Keyswitch.If you want to use your existing Ignition Key, Locksmiths can change the Keylock to match.I ran Relays mounted under the Engine Bay. One Relay for up, another Relay for down. I made the Switch built into the Keylockactivate the Relays which extends the life of the Keylock Switch. Relays are a lot cheaper and easier to replace than the Keylock and switch. Submission by Nicktime21
all the winders from hk - wb station wagons were the same as far as im aware, cause ive got a spare incase my breaks.it out of a HX or something like thatthe winder mechanism is the same to so if you could find and electric winder kit from one of the later model ones you could probably easily retrofit it.End of submission by Nicktime21 

Electric Tailgate Winder Circuit:

Electric Tailgate Window Winder circuit. Click to Enlargen. Circuit Design and Image by T. 

Electric Tailgate Window Winder Mechanism. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Krank307.
Electric Tailgate Window Winder Mechanism. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Krank307.




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