TH700 Gearbox Conversion

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Page created by T August 15th 2008:

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Crossmember for adapting a TH700 to an Old Holden. Image by Campbell. Click to Enlargen

TH700 Gearbox Conversion:

TH700 Into HK:

There is a thread going about fitting a T700 into a HK.
This photo is not the actual crossmember(this is 4L60 into LC). But it is, to look at, exactly the same as the one I got from Jayson(condoHK69)to fit the 4L60-E into my HT van.
My van has a hole cut where the manual shifter was fitted. But even after I have repaired the floor there will be no clearance issues when using this crossmember.
Obviously HKs have the crossmember bolted to the floor and not the outriggers used on HT/Gs. But a similar dropped crossmember with a deeper drop would easily fit the T700 into a HK. The gearbox would sit a touch lower than the original HK one at the back. But so do standard HT/Gs gearboxes. So there would be no issues.


TH700 Lockup Convertor in old Holden



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