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Original submission May 1st 2007:


Born the son of an automotive engineer. Earliest recollection is of grasping a Dowidat double flat ended imperial spanner.


On stage performing Gilbert and Sullivan (lead) at age 10.</li>
  • Started newspaper run at 12, lawn mowing and mower repair business at 14, music business
    in conjunction with music career mid 20's. Worked with Redgum, Midnight Oil, Goanna Band, Mondo Rock, Dinah Lee.
  • </ul>


    First car Austin A30 (at 14). A superb learning platform. It worked for Peter Brock. Performed my own automotive maintenance from the start.</li>
  • '61 VW Beetle. Engine and clutch change. Generator and Battery replacement. Rear Axle replacement. Front end rebuild.
  • '65 VW Squareback. Engine and clutch change. Generator and Battery replacement. Converted to twin carbs.
  • EJ Special Sedan. Front end rebuild, clutch and gearbox replacement. Generator and Battery replacement.
    Torch Battery powered electronic ignition. Brake relines.
  • EJ Standard Sedan. Transfer of mechanicals from the previous EJ. Brake relines.
    Designed, built and installed many electronic ignitions from EH onwards.
  • LJ (Two Door 2250 (red 138) 4 speed manual 308 diff. Engine changed for a 2600 (161)). Brake relines. Gearbox and clutch replacement. Alternator and Battery replacement.
    Dissembled a cable kickdown Trimatic and purchased Trimatic manuals. Supported Trimatics since 1984.
  • HZ (PV) 202, Trimatic. Diff change, brake rebuilds.
  • HZ (Wagon) Transfer of mechanicals from the previous PV. 202, Trimatic. 173 Head on 202. Thermo Fans, Fan braking, Power/Economy Switch. Fitted HEI. EFI VK 3.3 conversion (current configuration). Diff ratio changes 3.36, 3.55, 3.08, 2.78. Front end rebuild ( all joints, draglink and steering box). Brake rebuilds.
    I bought the car in Feb 1987.
  • UC Sedan (current daily driver). Transfer of previous 202 (173 Head on 202. Thermo Fans, Fan braking, Power/Economy Switch. Fitted HEI), retired the 173 (due to be stroked, see the H page). Diff ratio changes 3.08, 2.78. Replaced the 173 Torque Converter with that from a 202. I bought the car in Mar 1995.
  • VK EFI Wagon
  • </ul>

    Skills and Qualifications:

    • Electrical Trade background (Aviation Electrical Fitter and Mains Voltage).
    • Degree in Electronics and Communications.
    • Long IT career.
    • Pilot (class 4 instrument rating), musician, screenwriter.
    • Supercomputer Engineer (installed the first into QLD and SA). Kookaburra keel modelled on one machine
      configured by me. Australia Telescope eyepiece installed, maintained and upgraded by me.
    • Senior Network Engineer.
    • Script Editor on WWII Documentary Remembrance.
    • Story Editor on OZ film West.


    Hi Blissy,
    1. FX, EJ Special Sedan,EJ Standard Sedan,LJ 2250 2 door,HZPV,HZWagon,UC.

    2. Only ford models.
    3. It is my belief that all aeroplanes should be directly or indirectly owned by nations. The support issues are too great to be
    handled by individuals no matter how wealthy they are. I've operated
    many types of Piper Cherokee, including the 140 that appears in the recently added HQ Holden ad. Most Cessna singles including 182's, 210's excluding the 177 cardinal but none of the taildraggers. My all time favourite were Piper Lances. I've also operated Twins. No byplane time whatsoever. I never saw the point of making a plane that couldn't outrun a car.
    4. TR6R '69 Triumph Trophy 650, T160 Triumph Trident.

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