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You can syphon fuel out of the tank by blowing instead of sucking. That way you don't get a mouthful of fuel.

Necessary Items:

What you need.1. A long length of pipe to run from the bottom of the fuel tank to the bottom of the jerry can.2. A short length of pipe to run from your mouth to the fuel neck.  3. A rag to block the inlet to the fuel tank to provide an air seal.


1. Run the long  pipe between the tank and jerry can.2. Fit the short pipe to the tank. Don't allow it to fall inside3. Seal the 2 pipes and the fuel tank inlet with the rag.4. Blow into the short pipe until fuel flows out of the long pipe and the syphon starts.5. Remove the rag and the short pipe so that air can flow into the tank to replace the fuel that flows out.


How to syphon fuel without getting a mouthful of fuel.
How to syphon gas easily without a pump.



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