Sump Plug Repair Kit

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Sump Plug Repair Kit:

myehholden on Wed, 11/02/2009 - 15:14. The standard plug is 1/2" UNF thread. If it is stripped you can thread the hole without the need to drill at all. Get yourself a 9/16" UNF tap and tap the new thread. Coat the tap in grease to catch any chips that a produced. Get a 9/16" UNF sump plu from Holden. This is the genuine Holden oversize plug so check with your local dealer. This is the method recomended by Holden for dealing with this problem.End of submission by Myehholden


Often Sump Plugs are stripped due to overtightening. Even though the Plug is a 3/4" Bolt with a 1/2" Thread, it is not supposed to be tightened to excess. 15 - 20 ft/lbs (20 -27 nm) are the book figures. It is better to use the proper aluminium Washer than to keep tightening the Sump Plug in the hope that it will eventually seal. The result can be the Sump Plug and or Sump being stripped. If it still leaks, investigate further by looking for any Cracks in the Sump, a scored or irrregular surface where the Washer meets the Sump and the Bolt or the fact that the Sump Plug may not be fully entering the Hole.  

Sump Plug Washer:

Use an aluminium Sump Plug Washer.This was standard fitout on OH's for many years and was trouble free.Fibre Washers twist out of shape. Plastic Washers never stop shrinking when exposed to heat.

Sump Plug Length:

Sometimes a Sump Plug has been used that is too short. Fitting one of the proper length creates a better seal.

308 Sump Plug:

is standard. Genuine Holden oversize is 9/16" UNF.End of submission by Myeh.  




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