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Page created by T Aug 17th 2011: Thanks to Ben Simpson for confirmation that it can be done on HQ's.

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A small Rubber Block is placed on either side of the Rear Main Bearing to make the Sump Gasket seal properly. Each Rubber Block presses into place and will remain there even when Sump HGasket is being replaced with the Engine in the Car.  Photo by Bubsy. Click to Enlargen.

Sump Gasket Replacement:

The Sump Gasket can be replaced  in Six Cylinder Kingswoods and VB - VK Six Cylinder Commodores with the Engine in the Car by jacking the Engine from under the Sump and fitting Wooden Blocks.
42x20mm Hardwood Blocks placed under the Engine Mounts on each Side, lift the Engine high enough to allow the Sump to be removed and replaced. Photo and Info by BRC. Click to Enlargen.
Black 3.3 block and Crankshaft. Click to enlargen. Photo by merc9112006.


I used Ben Simpson's method of jacking the Engine via the Sump to replace the Sump Gasket on my VK. It worked a treat and saved hiring an Engine Lifter.I put 1.5" x 1.5" x 4" wood blocks under the Engine Mounts to hold the Engine up.After removing the Front Sway Bar the Sump came off easily. I glued the Cork parts to the Block with Holden Sealant and held them in place with Sump Bolts until the Glue set, which made fitting the Sump as easy as if the Engine was out of the Car.Thanks Ben for the tips including the one about loosening all the Engine Mount Bolts when Bolting the Engine back in place. The 2 Main Bolts slid effortlessly back into place.
Underside view of a red Motor Sump. Powerglide Automatic Gearbox bolted to a 179 Engine. Photo by HR Ambo. Click to Enlargen.

Kingswood Wood Block Dimensions:

The wood is 42x20mm hardwood, I tried one piece, ie lifting the mounts 20mm but this wasn't enough to allow the sump to clear the flywheel, if you lift by 40mm it is all pretty easy. It also helps to take off the fan belt so that the fan can be easily rotated to avoid hitting the guard which is attached to the top of the radiator. Cheers


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