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These 3 Bolts hold the Steering Column to the HZ Chassis. Photo by BIJ. Click to Enlargen.

Steering Column:

Steering Column on an HG Holden. Remove the Centre Circlip to remove the Upper Section ( called the Coffee Pot). Photo by HGKing. Click to Enlargen.
After removal of the HG Coffee Pot. Photo by HGKing. Click to Enlargen.


The multifunction stalk fits straight into the HQ blinker mechanism. The wiper / dipper stalk has its own wiring loom.
Even the screws are the same length. Not sure about the hole in the honeypot of a Q but on a HJ at least it fits without any modifications. Get a stalk and try it before you go to the hassle of pulling out your steering column. (A lot cheaper than a column too)
BTW The main benefit of the HZ column is a marginally better ignition/steering lock mechanism. (You will end up with different keys unless you change the door locks as well.) The main changes you need to do are to your wiring loom under the dash and a connector for the stalk loom which threads down inside the column and pops out under the dash. The most of the wiring colour codes for the dipswitch, wipers wiring, etc are the same. It would be easiest to get the dash loom connector out of a HX with as much of the dash loom as you can. (HZ's and WB's have a few other wiring changes that make it a little different.) Buy some matching connectors to join your new loom extensions to the dash loom at the original connectors (at the switch ends), so you can put it back to standard if the urge ever takes you without cutting wires.

Anthony - Lettuce Alone SS

HZ and WB Holden Steering Joint Cover. Photo by Kinswood. Click to Enlargen.


HR Steering Column Shots in HRAmbo's Shed

HQ-HZ Interchangability



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