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Water Pump for a red, blue, black six cylinder Holden Engine. The seal drain hole can be seen at the bottom edge of the Pulley Boss. When the Seal and/or Bearings wear coolant leaks from here. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Brad Canniz.

Six Cylinder Water Pump:

The Water Pump on red, blue and black 6 cylinder Holden Engines is relatively easy to replace. Three bolts hold it to the block. A 1/2" AF spanner is used on them.

Water Pump. The mounting Bolts are painted red. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Brad Canniz.
Short anf long Water Pumps . Click to Enlargen. Photo by HG.

Water Pump Pulley and Fan Belt Length:

The water pump pulley on HQ onwards is slightly larger than the ones on a 186 ,using the small hub water pumps. Wombat.
End of submission by Wombat.

Red/Blue/Black 6 Cylinder Pump Types:

3 pumps will bolt to all red, blue and black blocks. The early reds
used a pump with a smaller hub (587), Mid HK they went to a bigger hub
same length pump (726 or 814). This ran through to May 1981 VC
Commodore. VH-VK use a pump with a bigger bearing and longer shaft
(815). All these pump use the same gasket onto the block. End of submission my MyEHHolden. 

Water Pump Mounting Holes:

Submitted by ben simpson on Mon, 09/01/2017 - 12:21.

yes all of these bolt holes are blind and do not enter the water jacket.

End of submission by Ben Simpson.

Failure Symptoms:

Check for failed bearings by wobbling the pulley. There should be little or no movement. Failed bearings make a groaning noise which is most noticable at idle.

Water Pump mounted on a 202. The photo shows the top mounting bolt and the Alternator Bracket. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Brad Canniz.

Water Pump Seal:

When the  Water Pump Seal fails there can be coolant loss associated with it. The leak can be hard to find because the Seal exit point is buried behind the Pulley and it mostly leaks after the Engine has been shut down. This is because the Engine temperature reaches a peak after the Water Pump stops turning since there is no Coolant flow through the Engine.  

Red Motor Water Pump fitted to an EFI VK 3.3 Engine and installed in an HZ Kingswood. Note that the Harmonic Balancer and Water Pump Pulley line up correctly. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.


Failed 202 Water Pump. Note that Coolant has been leaking from the spill hole. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.

  A dentist's mirror can be used to view the escape hole and check for Coolant leaking from the hole.   Watch for tell tale signs of coolant leak around the pulley. Coolant usually changes to a different colour once it dries out. Green coolant can turn to a reddish/white colour.  

Failed 202 Water Pump. Note that Coolant has been leaking from the Seal as well as the spill hole. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.


Failed 202 Water Pump.  Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.


Failed 202 Water Pump. When Corrosion Inhibitor has not been used, the alloy of the housing can dissolve between the Impeller and the Body creating a large gap. The effect is that the Engine over heats at idle because the pump only becomes effective when the RPM is high. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.


Failed 202 Water Pump.  The rust coloured stuff on the Impeller is Holden Cylinder Head Bolt Glue. It shows just how persistently it stuck after 5 1/2 years of daily driving. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.


The Bypass hose drilling can be seen.  Red Motor Pumps have short Shafts. Blue/black Pumps have longer Shafts. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.


Bypass Hose:

If the Engine has a Bypass Hose the new Water Pump will need to have a hole drilled. When you look down the small connection of a new Pump you'll see it's blanked off. If your Engine uses a Bypass Hose you will need to drill through to allow Coolant to flow through.  

Pulley Removal:

Loosen the Pulley Bolts while the Fanbelt is still connected and under tension. Press down on the belt to make it grip the Pulley and prevent it from rotating. Don't remove the Bolts until after the Fan Belt has been removed.   Once the Bolts are removed sometimes the Pulley can be hard to remove because the Shaft it is mounted on rusts. It pays to rub the rust off the shaft with Emery Paper then spray some WD40 or put some oil there before trying to remove the Pulley. The Pulley tends to bind onto the Shaft so working from side to side is better than a single force because it prevents the Pulley binding in place.

Pulley Type:

VK with 3.3 Litre Black Engine. Note the Double Pulley bolted to the Water Pump. Click to Enlargen. The rearmost Pulley lines up with the Harmonic Balancer. Photo by Campbell. 
3.3 EFI VK Engine. Shows the Long Nose Water Pump used on blue/black Sixes to allow the Fan to clear the triple FanBelts.  Photo by VKanaSVZ. Click to Enlargen.

Replacement Pumps:

most of these water pumps are made by GMB of Japan and just re packaged into other company boxes .HOLDEN ALSO USED gmb WATER PUMPS JUST PUT INTO THERE BOXES DURING THE 80'S & 90'S.. All now days use the pressed steel impeller , there are places that sell these water pumps and can fit a cast iron impeller for you , such as Auto surplus check out there Ebay store and ring them for a price to have a cast iron impeller fitted one of there NEW pumps ..
Cast Iron impellers are hard to find now days but they have plenty of NOS ones.. wombat.



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