Rocker Cover Gasket

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The EFI VK Engine with the Rocker Cover removed. Note the rough finished surface on the Head that the Rocker Cover Gasket will meet with. Image by Mark Berner. Click to Enlargen.

Rocker Cover Gasket:

Rocker Cover Gasket Replacement:

   bulla on Mon, 15/12/2008 - 16:10.
i usually clean both contact surfaces thoroughly with degreaser and a razor blade as best as possible. then use some wet and dry sand paper to get hard bits off using rags and washing rocker cover with degreaser etc even a wire wheel on drill or in a bench grinder is quicker.dry parts with compressed air,sunlight or dabs of silicone or silastic at a few intervals on rocker cover gasket surface . then press cork gasket into rocker cover paying attention to locating tabs let set for a while.then place on to rim of cleaned top of head paying attention to there being no oil on head surface where gasket meets it otherwise they tend to leak.there is no need to put silastic on otherside of gasket cause this gasket will be the seal. if you do next time you take it of it will rip in half.that is half sticking to head and half sticking to rocker cover.just nip 3/8 bolts evenly and firmly resist temptation to overtighten or they will cross thread take for drive and re check tightness of bolts also check for oil leaks after fitting rocker cover.stay calm your on your way Ned.cleanliness is the key.good luck.




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