Repairing Dash Clocks

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GTS Electric Clock image showing the Electrolytic Capacitors that dry out and need replacing. The person's thumb is pointing to one of them. 16 V identifies the maximum working voltage it can withstand. The other has 85 degrees indicating the maximum operating temperature it can withstand. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Danny Wilkinson.

Repairing Dash Clocks:

HX, HZ, WB Clocks
Submitted by WB Kinga on Wed, 18/10/2006 - 04:05.
You can fix them most times with a bit of luck. Pull the clock apart, do a visual inspection and make sure the hands are not jammed or anything obvious. Power it up on the bench with a battery and check if the motor moves or tries to move. If it does, the problem is mechanical. Sometimes the small plastic cogs have missing or damaged teeth, or the spring for the second hand release jams on the axle etc. If not, the capacitors on the circuit board probably need replacing, because they dry out over the years. If you're handy with a soldering iron this is around a $2 job. Get the parts from Jaycar or a similar place. You could also try changing over the internals for a later model. Some say TD/TE Gemini is almost identical, but I can not confirm or deny this.
Hope this helps someone
WB Kinga


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