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This page is dedicated to RedWagon's projects, discussions, and discoveries. As i (RedWagon) am constantly changing my car,there are times i embark on conversions that i can find little detailed information about and so, i will log any 'discoveries' here so that anyone hoping to untertake a similar conversion in the future may be less stressed by potential issues!

This page will be a notebook and log initially. I apologise for the messy state it may be in at any one time! I will try to keep it organised as i go.

THE CAR (Background):<p align="center"> <p align="left">

The car that i'm working on is my VC L wagon, (red, of course!).<p align="left">The car was bought in late 2005, its specification was as follows:<p align="left"> <p align="left">1981 VC L Wagon<p align="left">Factory red paint<p align="left">Reconditioned blue 202 with air-con and mild cam, factory bolted fan, varajet II, HEI etc as per factory spec<p align="left">M20 4-speed manual gearbox <p align="left">Small salisbury 3.36 open diff rear axle with drum brakes<p align="left"> <p align="center">PREVIOUS PROJECTS:<p align="center"> <p align="left">Sound system:<p align="left"> <p align="left">Security:<p align="left">Solex locks:<p align="left">Tailgate:<p align="left">Alarm:<p align="left"> <p align="left">Pacemaker extractors: <p align="left"> <p align="left">Power steering Conversion:<p align="left"> <p align="left">Thermo-Electric engine fan Conversion:<p align="left"> <p align="left">Disk-Brake rear Conversion:<p align="left"> <p align="left">VK EFI Conversion:<p align="left"> <p align="left">M76 5-speed Conversion:<p align="left"> <p align="center">


LSD Rear axle Conversion:<p align="left"> <p align="left">

Front suspension restoration/improvements:<p align="left"> <p align="left">

VT Front brake Conversion:<p align="left"> <p align="left">VS 5L EFI V8 and T5 manual Conversion:<p align="left"> <p align="left"> <p align="left"> 




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